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Why We Will Not Be Participating in Black Friday or Cyber Monday Sales

As a purpose-driven-company, the Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales caused us to have an important conversation about the meaning and mission behind what we are doing here at Copper Bowl in regards to such.  As much as we love for our community to shop and buy from us and support our small business, we have to look beyond profits,  growth percentage and revenue at this time. There are many factors for our choice to not participate in Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales; our products are purchased Fair Trade and Direct Trade.  Selling at extreme low discounts that Black Friday or Cyber Monday is known for, is unfair to the artisans, people and villagers who create such beautiful, hand crafted pieces; as well for us the buyer.  We sell at a Fair price point for the quality of craftsmanship as well for the Circa, as many of our pieces are vintage and even antique. We do this, so that we may continue to support the families, women and co-ops back in India in creating sustainable income and allowing them to continue to share the beauty of their culture.  Most retailers may be dealing with manufacturers and 3rd parties, we do not. We could quite easily increase price points to match competitors, but again.. that is not “Fair Trade” and would be out of alignment with our purpose. 

Our desire is for our community to be more conscious of what they are buying; therefore, when you our customer is making a purchase from us, you are doing so because you love the piece and can not be without. You understand and have an appreciation of the quality and craftsmanship and knowing that the piece(s) you are getting will last for years to come. You are making a thoughtful choice with your purchase that pleases you. You understand that our products are made from reclaimed materials, vintage and handmade, and is therefore helping in lowering the environmental impact.  These are all important to our customer, to you.   Our goal is to discourage impulse buying that sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday boost, and encourage conscious purchasing in our community. Sure we will have promotional sales periodically, as in the Rurban Christmas Crawl Dec 3-6, and a couple annual seasonal sales... but as a company we have made the decision to only offer promotions that is of the highest good for all and in full alignment to our mission here at Copper Bowl. 


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